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Integrate Microsoft SQL Server with the IBM i

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IBM i and SQL go hand-in-hand. So find out how you can access Microsoft SQL Server data on your IBM i.

In this seminar, Craig Pelkie describes the editions of Microsoft SQL Server, the connectivity options that are available on SQL Server and the IBM i, and how connections can be made. Some of the topics that are covered include:

  • The IBM i Access for Windows database providers, and how they are used to connect from SQL Server to the IBM i
  • The Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver, and how it can be used to connect from the IBM i to SQL Server
  • Comparison of terms between SQL Server and the IBM i
  • How to quickly create and use Linked Servers within SQL Server to connect to the IBM i and run SQL statements
  • An overview of how JDBC is used to run SQL statements
  • Other tools that are available with SQL Server (SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Import/Export Wizard) to work with data on the IBM i and SQL Server


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