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How to Replace IBM’s PM400

The modern alternative to IBM Performance Management for Power Systems
IBM i, UNIX, Linux, AIX


Did you know? IBM has discontinued the IBM Performance Management for Power Systems (PM400) offering, effective September 30, 2020.

Many customers, business partners, and managed service providers (MSPs) relied on IBM PM400 for historical data collection and reporting across their Power Systems environment, including IBM i, AIX, and Linux workloads. These organizations are now asking: how do we replace PM400?

There’s an easy solution! Watch this recorded webinar where the performance experts from HelpSystems put you at your ease and walk you through the modern alternative to PM400. You’ll learn:

  • What will happen to your previously uploaded historical data
  • What happens to today’s and tomorrow’s performance data
  • What your options are going forward
  • How to use performance data for problem determination and capacity planning purposes
  • How to get the reporting that matches today’s needs

You’ll also see how Performance Navigator software takes the old PM400 services to the next level and helps you visualize trend analysis, optimize system performance, pinpoint anomalies, provide monthly reporting to clients or management, and facilitate capacity planning activities.

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Replace IBM Performance Management for Power Systems (PM400) Today!

The historical performance data on your servers is a treasure trove of information regarding actual usage over time. But you must access and interpret this data to get to the bottom of performance issues or inform future hardware investments. Performance Navigator can help! Request a live demonstration and we’ll show you how.

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