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Performance Navigator

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software

Historical performance monitoring and modeling across your IT environment


IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Historical Performance Analysis

Performance Navigator is the software of choice for performance analysis and capacity planning in thousands of data centers around the world. Its robust suite of analysis scripts and reports—known as Power Analytics—helps you ensure that critical performance metrics (including CPU, disk, and memory) are safely within best practice guidelines.

Capacity Planning with Confidence

Based on the comprehensive historical data it collects for all critical metrics, Performance Navigator makes it possible for you to make capacity planning decisions with precision. Its trademark What If feature allows you to model hypothetical scenarios and determine how capacity changes will impact server performance.

Problem Determination

Whether it’s a current system slowdown or a need to understand what happened to the system at 2:00 a.m. last night while you were asleep, you can use Performance Navigator to get a fast and thorough problem determination summary in under two minutes.

Key Features

Supported Platforms: IBM i (iSeries, AS/400); AIX/VIOS; Linux; Solaris; HP-UX

Visualize historical system performance

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software Example

Get to know your systems at a deeper level. Whether your servers are running IBM i, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, or Solaris, Performance Navigator allows you to view historical system performance data graphically from your Windows PC.

Compare system performance for IT managers

Capacity Planning Software Analytics Example

Use the Power Analytics feature in Performance Navigator to grade all core performance metrics against best practice guidelines and automate the reporting process, so management can have peace of mind knowing that all production machines are running optimally.

Take the guesswork out of capacity planning

Capacity Planning Workload Modeling Example

Understanding performance trends ensures successful capacity planning projects. Performance Navigator is capable of modeling workloads on IBM Power Systems servers, Linux servers (all platforms), Oracle servers, and HP servers from a single user interface.

Stay on top of your hardware configurations

Capacity Planning Software Hardware Summary Example

The only constant in IT is change. Rely on the Enterprise Hardware Summary feature in Performance Navigator to stay on top of your hardware and operating system software configurations.

Understand the impact of changes

Capacity planning software analysis feature example

Whether it’s a planned change or a situation where you discover that something has changed on one of your production machines, the What’s Different Analysis feature in Performance Navigator shows a before-and-after analysis, so you can easily identify what’s different between good days and bad days.

Give your AppDev team a boost

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software QA Process Example

Especially valuable for IT organizations where application development (AppDev) is integrated into a quality assurance (QA) process, Performance Navigator gives you the ability to analyze jobs historically and group jobs into functional areas (warehouse jobs, order entry jobs, etc.).

Chart historical disk growth

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software ASP & IFS Measurement Examples

The Power Analytics feature in Performance Navigator includes a suite of disk reports that allow you to measure individual auxiliary storage pools (ASPs) and the integrated file system (IFS) to get a better understanding of how disk usage is growing.

Report on enterpise-wide historical performance

Capacity Planning and Performance Analysis Software EXPO Dashboard Example

The Executive Performance Overview (EXPO) dashboard in Performance Navigator provides historical data for today, yesterday, last week, and last month, as well as a view tailored for capacity planning purposes. This high-level snapshot of enterprise-wide performance also features drilldown reporting and a customizable output portal.

Power Analytics Is a Game Changer

Understanding your enterprise doesn’t have to be difficult. The Power Analytics feature in Performance Navigator makes performance reporting, problem determination, and capacity planning easy. Suddenly, you have a fast and easy way to analyze and report on:

Job status and performance

Service levels and response time

Disk usage

Memory and memory pools

Daily health checks for all LPARs

Multi-system performance comparisons

Get Started

The historical performance data on your servers is a treasure trove of information regarding actual usage over time. But you must access and interpret this data to get to the bottom of performance issues or inform future hardware investments. Performance Navigator can help! Request a live demonstration and we’ll show you how.