Cost of Managing IBM i Without Automation | Webinar
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The Cost of Managing IBM i Without Automation

How Automation Influences Everyday Decisions at All Levels


You may not realize it, but whether you’re the system administrator, the IT manager, or the CIO, you’ve been tasked with serious cost control for your department.

Many critical systems run on IBM i and interact with other servers in your organization: ERP, core banking, warehouse management, and reservation and billing systems to name just a few. If even one application becomes unavailable, your business could be in big trouble.

When it comes to managing your IT resources, how does your focus change when you have automation in place?

Take 30 minutes to learn how automation can impact:

  • Employee turnover
  • Processing errors
  • Business intelligence and audit reporting
  • Systems management outside IBM i

BONUS: You’ll hear a special interview with John Dunn, IT operations manager at Lamps Plus, telling why he embraced automation and how it changed the way they approach data center management.

Why Should I Watch?

Take a fresh look your IBM i investment to identify the areas where automation provides you opportunities for cost control while improving scalability and resource utilization and boosting employee morale.

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