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A Guided Automation Assessment is the place to start when you want to modernize and automate your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) processes. It's completely free and won’t require you to install any invasive software.

How does it work?

When you request a guided assessment, we’ll contact you to schedule a 1-hour call using our teleconferencing platform. Our expert then leads you and your team through a series of questions that will help objectively determine the degree of automation currently in place in your data center.

Knowing how you rank in each of these critical areas will help you determine where adding automation will make the biggest impact.

Why should I request a guided assessment?

Knowing how you rank in each of these critical areas will help you determine where adding automation will make the biggest impact. Other benefits of taking the assessment include:

  • Help prioritizing your IT projects
  • Seeing how you compare with other companies
  • Lessening the impact when an IBM i team member retires
  • Having concrete data to show your boss
  • Getting expert tips and advice at no cost

All this and more in under an hour!

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“The level of automation we’ve achieved has allowed us to redeploy staff to more productive tasks where their expertise can be more effectively utilized. I estimate that we’ve been able to achieve an 18% efficiency gain by optimizing the usage of our manpower resources.”

Eric Buenaflor
Senior Manager of IT Operations
Ahli United Bank

Where will automation make the biggest impact?

The guided assessment reviews the key areas of IBM i operations.

Job Scheduling and Batch Management

Your jobs need to run on time and in the right order—your job depends on it. IBM i job scheduling automation software can help you maintain service levels by reducing error and coordinating jobs precisely across multiple servers, platforms, and ERP applications.

Message and Event Monitoring

Managing IBM i messages can be more than a full-time job if you have to do it manually. Messages need a response and resources must be monitored—often over multiple systems and across platforms. By automating message management and resource monitoring, you can be sure you won’t miss important system events.

Performance and Application Monitoring

If you’re not using system, application, and performance monitoring software, everyone’s productivity suffers. It’s hard to be productive when the system is unresponsive. Automated monitoring tools give you system-wide control of partitions, plus performance monitoring across the system, root cause analysis, and exception-based management.

Report and Document Management

The thought of printing, distributing, and storing system reports manually may reduce you to tears. Paper and labor costs associated with report generation can easily spiral out of control, and rerunning reports for careless end users is a pain. With document management software, you can go paperless and automate key business processes by electronically capturing, managing, and distributing documents and forms.

Data Backup Management

Disaster protection is vital to every business. Yet, it often consists of error-prone, patched together procedures. From automatic backups to data encryption to save media management, IBM i backup and recovery software automates routine save and restore tasks, saving you time and money and making the process safer and more reliable.

Do I get anything after completing the assessment?

Your Automation Score, of course!

Once your responses are submitted, our tool will generate your results—your Automation Score—both online and as a downloadable PDF that you can distribute or keep for your records.

This score shows how your responses stack up against industry benchmarks and best practices. It includes color-coded indicators for each of the five essential areas of IT automation and advice on how you can move forward with improvements in each area.

Our expert will review your results with you during the call and help you plan your next step.

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