iForms Data to Excel Spreadsheet in a Snap

August 18, 2016

All the great features you have come to know with designing iForms for print or PDF output can also be applied to creating Microsoft Excel documents, including extensive formatting options down to the cell-level.

For example, you can use data from one or more data files.

iforms eases excel use

And, using a little magic (actually using our iForms designer) …

iforms streamlines digital document production

Output the data as an Microsoft Excel document ….

iforms from rjs works with excel

It’s fast and simple. iForms can use information from spool files, data files, or both to generate your desired output. Formatting options allow you to set proper decimal point placement, bolding or font styles for totals, and more.

In practice, it requires more initial planning when designing a form that will output as Excel format since you must closely emulate the layout of objects in the form as you would expect to see them Excel.  iForms offers great control and flexibility for users who wish to output their numeric data in a specific format to Excel.



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