Enforcing Your Data Retention System

Enforcing Your Data Retention System

August 30, 2016


Previously, we wrote on the importance of building a retention system for documents and other data. In this article, we discuss how Robot products can help with data retention on IBM i.

Robot Save

Our backup and recovery solution has the ability to save and restore objects, but it also has the ability to save, delete, and archive objects, too. The Object Lists feature can build lists of objects for libraries and IFS directories based on usage or change date. The objects can then be put out to media and removed from the system. You specify the retention date for the data and Robot Save will protect the unexpired data.

Robot Space

Our disk space management tool has storage audits to help with the cleanup of your data. The product can look for duplicate objects, delete old IFS files, clean up receivers, reorganize deleted records, and more. Integration has always been an important part of Robot solutions and Robot Space will integrate with Robot Save to push lists of objects off to media before removal from the system.

Robot Reports

Robot Reports can build a retention system around your reports that are on the output queue. Data in reports is often as important as data in the system, yet very few organizations have any record retention systems around this data. With Robot Reports, you can specify different archiving standards for different types of reports. You might keep purchase orders for two years and invoices for seven years. It’s up to the administrator and your end users to determine the length of retention. The good news: We have customers using this product to archive and restore every day!

Once you’ve established the retention criteria for different types of data, Robot products can be used to help enforce these rules. Don’t leave it up to the end users or the developers—you run the risk of never purging anything! Automation is the key to ensuring your team will build an enforceable system.

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