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Task Supervisor

Task Management Software

Simplified task management software for your entire IT environment


Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400)

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Get Control of IT Tasks

List, organize, and track every task in your IT to-do list to help you run more efficient IT operations and resolve issues faster.

Meet Service-Level Agreements

Ensure you never miss a task that could affect service levels and negatively impact business. Demonstrate your value to customers with documentation of task completion and how long tasks took to complete.

Manage Tasks on the Go

With the Enterprise Console mobile apps for Apple and Android, your teams can log on, view, and act on the progress of tasks no matter where they are located.

"[HelpSystems] as a company has been very easy and stress-free to deal with. Everyone is good-natured and eager to help, but that is not surprising when they have such a good product to work with. Understandably, I highly recommend [HelpSystems] as a company and their extensive product suite."

Max Charman
System Support Manager
Plan International

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Centralized task management

Task Supervisor task management software

Large organizations and managed service providers can centralize critical IT task management across teams and platforms quickly and easily, reducing the need for disparate task managers such as Sage ACT!, Outlook, or Excel spreadsheets. See all manual and automated tasks together in one central location. Quickly identify what percentage of tasks have been completed on time and which tasks are outstanding.

Platform-agnostic repository

Manage IT tasks across platforms

Use Task Supervisor across AIX, Linux, IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400), and Windows as one common repository for all your IT tasks, or even for administrative functions, facilities and building management, human resources (HR), and more.

Customized alerts and escalation procedures

Receive notification when IT tasks are overdue

Receive notifications for overdue tasks and warnings when tasks do not complete on time. Escalate warnings to other IT team members and up the chain via email, SMS, visible alerts, or audible sounds when something goes wrong.

Browser-based graphical user interface

Manage IT tasks from a web browser

Share visibility into task progress and status with team members anywhere. Maintaining a single information hub allows other team members to take control to cover staff vacations or absences, or in response to unexpected events, so business can continue without disruption.

Flexible task grouping

Group tasks using Task Supervisor

Create schedules to group tasks based on specific progresses, companies, data centers, teams, or customers.

User privileges

Control visibility to IT tasks using Task Supervisor

Restrict the visibility of tasks to selected personnel or roles to fit your organization’s operational model.

Get Started

Learn how to take control of your IT task list with task management software. Find out how Task Supervisor can simplify your task management by requesting a demonstration today.