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IBM i (iSeries, System i, AS/400)

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Stay in touch by monitoring your IBM i systems

Free Up Time and Resources

Pressured to maintain constant system availability in fast-paced business environments, IT teams must do more with less. IBM i server monitoring software saves time and resources by automating monitoring and corrective actions that would otherwise be performed manually.

Deploy in Minutes

A single download and simple implementation makes it easy to install your solution across the enterprise. Once you’re up and running, enjoy intuitive features, automatic upgrades, and built-in templates.

Modular, Scalable Solutions

Pick and choose the modules you actually need. Our tiered solution suites progress from entry-level monitoring to advanced operations management. As your business grows, it’s easy to add functionality to meet monitoring, automation, and reporting requirements.

Manage from a Single Pane of Glass

Simplify your monitoring of multiple servers and applications with at-a-glance management—anytime, anywhere. Enterprise Console brings together all your messages, alerts, and event notifications in one spot for total visibility and easy, effective monitoring.

“Halcyon provided high levels of support during the implementation phase and demonstrated a real understanding of the needs of managed service providers while helping us to rapidly deploy the software. This responsive and proactive approach enabled us to add new customers quickly and recoup service revenues faster.”

Knut Erlend Haus
Operations Manager IBM
EVRY, Regions West

Compare IBM i Server Suites

Feature Benefit Level 1: Message Management Suite Level 2: Systems Operations Suite Level 3: Advanced Automation Suite Level 4: Operations Center Suite
Advanced Job Scheduling Manage multiple job dependencies with our most comprehensive solution.

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System Management and Performance Analysis Effectively manage disk space and spooled files to avoid repeat problems and make troubleshooting easier with drill-down performance analysis.

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System and Application Monitoring Maximize system uptime with your IBM i running at its full potential.

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Application Monitoring Templates Get up and running with your monitoring quicker with pre-configured templates to work specifically with your business applications. 

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Basic System and Message Monitoring Manage messages without any need for specialized resources.

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Message Management Suite (Level 1)

Message Management Suite

Message Management Suite is our entry level suite for IBM i.

Closely monitor all your system messages, key applications, and critical business processes, and automate appropriate actions. Eliminate 100% of routine issues and let the software duplicate what operational staff would do in a real life situation 24/7.

Key features include:

  • Message Monitoring
  • FTP Monitoring
  • TCP/IP Monitoring
  • Output Queue Monitoring
  • Device Monitoring
  • Job Queue Monitoring

Systems Operations Suite (Level 2)

Systems Operations Suite

Monitor your IBM i system messages and automate the control of significant events.

Automate 100% of your manual daily checks, repetitive tasks, and essential system saves. Ensure that things happen when you expect them to—and monitor for the unexpected.

Includes all the features Message Management Suite, plus:

  • Object Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Distribution Queue Monitoring
  • User Profile Monitoring
  • Inactivity Monitoring
  • Audit Journal Management
  • Restricted Tasks Management

Advanced Automation Suite (Level 3)

Advanced Automation Suite

Advanced Automation Suite enables you to optimize performance, disk space, and spooled file management on your IBM i.

Identify performance issues in real time and drill down to the cause. Receive alerts if your thresholds are breached. Free up your disk space and analyze trends. Distribute, archive, sort, or delete spooled files. Use graphical interfaces and dashboards for performance and disk space management to make things quick and easy to deploy. Customize reports to suit your requirements.

Includes all the features of Systems Operations Suite, plus:

  • Performance Analyzer GUI
  • Disk Space Explorer GUI
  • Disk Space Management
  • Spooled File Management
  • Log File Monitoring
  • Intelligent Alerting

Operations Center Suite (Level 4)

Operations Center Suite

Raise your operational control to the ultimate level with our flagship software suite, Operations Center Suite.

Handle multiple job dependencies across your IBM i environment and initiate jobs on other platforms. Ensure your jobs run on time and schedule when they run to optimize your system resources and keep users happy. Save time and money by automating your after-hours processing.

Includes all the features of Advanced Automation Suite, plus:

  • Advanced Job Scheduling
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