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Your Role in the RDi Roadmap

Discover the latest enhancements and additional tooling to improve programmer productivity


Since HelpSystems brought RDi development in house in 2017, this powerful programmer tool has seen many transformational enhancements. In this session, you’ll see how this technology is strategically designed to help developers like you deliver impactful software to your organization faster and with higher quality.

Join IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington and Principal Software Engineer Steve Ferrell as they share updates on:

  • Recent enhancements to RDi
  • IBM RFE (request for enhancements) in RDi
  • Development roadmap for RDi

While the focus of this session is RDi, you’ll also get a quick overview of some complementary tools in the HelpSystems software portfolio that can help with refactoring old software, cross-referencing your applications, accessing test and product data record by record, modernizing queries, solving forms issues, scheduling batch processes, and more.

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