On-Demand Webinar

What’s New with Robot?

Essential Robot software and roadmap updates in under an hour


We’re wrapping up another great year of developing and supporting the Robot products you love. Want to see what we’ve rolled out this year and get a sneak preview of what’s on the roadmap for 2020?

Spend 45 minutes with your favorite Robot geeks, Chuck Losinski and Tom Huntington, along with special guest, Tim Woodfield. This dynamic team will get you up to date on the major rollouts you may have missed in our Robot systems management software, including:

  • Robot Console 7.03 – Support for mobile and browser
  • Robot Monitor 14.1.9 – ODBC/JDBC/SQL drilldown and browser support
  • Performance Navigator 19.1 – Enterprise reporting dashboard
  • Robot HA 12.07 – MIMIX transition technology
  • Robot updates without ending the Robot Sleeper subsystem

We’ll also share our roadmap for 2020 enhancements.

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Time for your annual Tech Update?

Still have questions about your Robot or other HelpSystems software that weren’t answered in this webinar? Don’t worry! Reach out to your sales rep to schedule a Tech Update with Tom and Chuck or submit your request online.