On-Demand Webinar

What’s New with Robot?

Essential Robot software and roadmap updates in under an hour


We know what you’re thinking: Could this be easier than scrolling through pages of Robot software release notes? It is! So, tune in and hear the highlights on what we’ve rolled out so far in 2019.

Spend 45 minutes with your favorite Robot geeks, Chuck Losinski and Tom Huntington, along with special guest Doug Mewmaw. This dynamic team will keep you up to date on what’s happening with Robot systems management software, including:

  • NEW! Robot Console 7.03 support for mobile/browser
  • NEW! Robot Monitor 14.1.8 performance monitoring
  • NEW! Performance Navigator 19.1 capacity planning and services
  • NEW! HelpSystems Insite 3.0 integration platform
  • Major rollouts you may have missed in 2018
  • Where to find product training, tech support, and user forums

We’ll also share our roadmap for 2019/2020 enhancements.

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