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VTL Save Strategies on IBM i

Seamlessly Incorporate Disk and Automation Software into Your Backup Process


Tape-only backups are not secure. Think about it. Your organization allows third-parties to take tapes off-site for storage. Once the tapes are off-site, they’re out of your control. The good news is that IBM i is very recoverable from both tape and virtual tape libraries (VTLs).

The IBM i Marketplace Survey shows that 31 percent of respondents are already using a combination of disk (VTL) and tape as part of their save strategy. Watch this webinar to learn about:

  • Tape backup considerations
  • Disk-based backups
  • Virtual tape libraries, the best of disk and tape
  • Backup data storage efficiency
  • The power of deduplication
  • Enhanced data security
  • Cloud considerations

Considering a high performance VTL solution that can integrate with an IBM i software solution for automating, tracking, and reporting on your save process?

This 30-minute recorded webinar includes expert information on IBM i backup and recovery strategies using a combination of automation software and VTL technology.

Recovery Without Disaster

Downtime comes in many forms and it doesn’t take a full-on disaster to destroy your data. This guide shows you what you need in order to build a strong recovery strategy that your business can really rely on.

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