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The Three Levels of AP Automation

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In a marketplace saturated by solutions that promise a wide variety of features and an even wider range of costs, how do you know which one will deliver the outcome you need?

The first step in selecting a software solution is to determine what level of accounts payable (AP) automation your company requires. Based on your size, goals and budget, you have to determine which level will be the best fit:

  1. Simple automation: We’ll cover basic steps towards AP Automation by using AP document management best practices.
  2. Advanced automation: We’ll review how to take your automation further by implementing a more advanced “scan, store, and retrieve” solution with light workflow and ERP integration.
  3. Full automation: We’ll show you how to use WebDocs for AP technology to fully automate all of accounts payable, including the processing of non-PO invoices, matching, vendor onboarding, and the one-offs and other documents that don’t fit neatly in your current process.

Watch this webinar to learn about the three levels of AP Automation and how to choose the one that’s right for you.


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