On-Demand Webinar

Simple Strategies for In-Depth Malware Defense

IBM i, Linux, AIX


In today's world of advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and stealthy threats, simply having visibility into the malware affecting your organization is not enough.

If you want to protect your business from the costs, risks, and brand damage that these threats can cause, you need to consider a more comprehensive approach to complete malware defense.

Multi-platform networks, internet connectivity, and mobile computing—as well as the use of AIX, Linux, and IBM Power Systems as file servers—have changed the rules.

It is now a necessity to include your AIX, Linux, and IBM Power servers in your corporate malware guidelines.

Join this webinar to learn about advanced malware threats and simple strategies for protecting your systems. We’ll show you:

  • The current state of malware and the latest trends
  • How organizations are looking to expand detection and ultimately protection
  • What’s included in an advanced malware defense strategy
  • How Powertech Antivirus protects your AIX, Linux, and IBM Power servers

This event will arm you with the information you need to secure your systems against today’s most pressing threats.

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