On-Demand Webinar

Security Alert! Prevent FTP and ODBC Data Breaches on IBM i

June 6, 2019


Powertech’s annual “State of IBM i Security Study” shows the vast majority of organizations remain reliant on menu security and command line restrictions to protect their enterprise data. Unfortunately, modern interfaces like FTP and ODBC completely bypass these controls, often allowing end users to view, update, and delete data in the database without the restrictions and auditing supplied by the application.

Learning about the power and openness of these interfaces is critical for ensuring the integrity of the server’s application data. It’s also an essential step in complying with all formal regulations, including SOX, PCI, and HIPAA.

Watch this informative webinar to learn how to close the “back doors” not covered by traditional security schemes. Robin Tatam will explain exit point security and why this little-understood topic is so important to IBM i organizations.

You’ll also see a short demonstration of how to implement policies that restrict access to only those users who need it.


Close IBM i's Back Doors

Get a custom demo to see how Powertech Exit Point Manager for IBM i enables you to prevent FTP and ODBC data breaches on IBM i.