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Remote Management for IBM i Backups

Hands-free backup and recovery starts with Robot Save


IBM i reliably keeps your business running smoothly, even during a global pandemic that has IT and business users alike working from home. But how does your typical day-to-day hold up during atypical times?

Manual IT processes may have finally caught up with you. Many IT teams are having to change the way they handle things like printing or monitoring the system, not to mention the way they change and log tape activity. Automation is the answer.

During this recorded webinar, our IBM i experts explain the tools and techniques you need to set up remote management for unattended IBM i backups. You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to make a good backup on IBM i
  • Which technologies support unattended backups, including VTL
  • How to track volumes automatically with Robot Save

Whether it’s a matter of adding an IFS subdirectory into your backup procedure, restoring one or many IFS objects, or automating restricted state saves, an automated tape management solution can simplify your save and restore process and introduce a level of security and accountability that can bring you comfort and confidence when the unexpected happens.

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