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Pro Tips for IBM i User Access Management

April 21, 2020


Employees are an organization’s greatest asset—and yet 40 to 50 percent of data breaches are caused by insiders, according to cybersecurity experts.

For IT teams, this makes user ID and access management a balancing act. Users need access to the files and applications required to do their jobs, but too much access increases the risk of a data breach.

Walking that fine line can be tedious, time-consuming, and fraught with error—especially on IBM i, where data shows most users have far greater access than they actually need.

The good news is there are several strategies that can make you and your users more efficient and improve your IBM i security posture at the same time. Watch this on-demand webinar where IBM i security experts Robin Tatam and Sandi Moore discuss:

  • How to require stronger IBM i passwords without adding to the help desk queue
  • Why automating user provisioning is a great career move
  • The security control that isn't on your to-do list yet, but probably should be
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