Overwhelmed by Operating Systems? | Webinar
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Overwhelmed by Operating Systems?

Multi-Platform Monitoring and Automation with Network Server Suite
Windows, Linux, AIX


You’re responsible for looking after Windows, Linux, AIX, and VIOS, but you worry that you don’t understand their complexities well enough to make your job effective—or easy.

No problem! Simplify the management of multiple operating systems and applications without becoming experts in each area.

In this 30-minute recorded webinar, our experts demonstrate how you can:

  • Manage multiple platforms from a central location
  • View monitoring results in a single pane of glass on your desktop or mobile device
  • Take advantage of best practice, plug-and-play monitoring templates
  • Create rules to automate daily checks across your entire infrastructure
  • Receive notification if something is wrong or about to go wrong

This presentation includes a live demo of Network Server Suite and shows how easy monitoring multiple operating systems and applications can be using point-and-click technology.

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