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Monitor VIOS (and AIX) from Your IBM i



Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) runs on AIX and allows you to share input/output resources across logical partitions. The health of your VIOS server is critical to the performance of all your Power server partitions, so monitoring it is a must.

Our 2017 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results uncovered a cool trend: an increasing number of IBM i shops are running AIX instances alongside IBM i on Power Systems servers. We like to see these systems playing nicely together on the same server, though it does shine a spotlight on shared resources.

During this 30-minute recording, our experts demonstrate the new VIOS and AIX monitoring capabilities in Robot Monitor. You’ll learn about:

  • The top AIX metrics that impact VIOS
  • Real-time monitoring with dashboard displays
  • Threshold and notification options
  • Identifying trends to better allocate resources

With VIOS/AIX running alongside IBM i, you need visibility into your entire Power environment. Watch now to see how Robot Monitor can get you there!

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