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Modern IBM i Tools for Modern IT Teams

How Robot automation software empowers inexperienced staff to make a positive impact


With everything that goes into planning your IT environment, it can be all too easy to let old habits eclipse staffing concerns. Today’s data center operations are often managed by programmers pulling double-duty or IT newcomers who don’t necessarily have a background in enterprise systems.

These teams have unique needs for education on your business logic and the operating system, but they’re hungry to make an impact—and fast! That’s why intuitive automation tools are essential for modern IT teams.

Take 30 minutes to see how Robot automation software empowers your modern IT team to:

  • Quickly master systems management
  • Automate operations with a goal of lights out
  • Integrate IBM i with the rest of your server infrastructure
  • Position your department to adopt more modern technology

You’ll also hear from some of our own fresh faces in IBM i support and see a live demo of Robot Schedule and its powerful enterprise extension. With the right tools in place, training is a snap and your modern IT team becomes your greatest asset. Watch now!

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