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IBM i Work Management 101

How to maximize IBM i efficiency using work management best practices


Work management is essential for establishing an efficient, run-time environment on IBM i. It controls your processing and makes it possible to run multiple applications in a single partition, but the art form is losing out to system defaults.

Even as IBM Power servers grow in their processing capabilities, you can get more out of your system—provided you configure it properly using work management best practices.

This recorded webinar is your chance to give your system performance the edge with smart management. Join IBM i experts Tom Huntington and Ash Giddings as they discuss key aspects of work management, including:

  • How memory is allocated
  • Assigning jobs to the proper memory pools
  • Subsystems, job queues, and more
  • Monitoring job performance once they are in the system

You’ll also learn about monitoring and notification tools available from HelpSystems and other tips using commands and Access Client Solutions (ACS) to manage your work management environment.

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