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IBM i Business Resiliency 101

How to Identify and Prevent Business Disruption in All Its Forms
November 29, 2018


Business resiliency goes beyond disaster recovery—it’s about your organization’s ability to keep running smoothly during disruption of any kind. That includes viruses and ransomware, performance and processing bottlenecks, accidental or intentional data corruption, untested backups and role swaps—even a crime scene next door that blocks entry to your data center.

The disaster you didn’t consider always does the most damage. Always.

In this recorded webinar, four IBM i experts shine a light on the disruptive incidents that most IT teams overlook and show you the best ways to anticipate these disruptions and maintain business resilience.

You'll go away with:

  • A better understanding of business resiliency
  • New factors to consider for business continuity planning
  • Top tools that make it easy to avoid business disruption

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