How to Use Sequel from a Browser and Get IBM i Data on the Go
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How to Use Sequel from a Browser

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November 9, 2017


You already know and love the flexibility of Sequel Data Access. You can run queries on the fly, create top-notch reports, and build dashboards your users love.

The only problem is that your users want to explore data on their own—but you don’t want to install Viewpoint on their desktops.

That’s where Sequel Web Interface (SWI) comes in. With SWI, there’s no additional software you need to install. Your users get to access data in a browser that they’re already familiar with. This gives them the freedom to work with their data—without adding to your IT team’s plate.

Watch this 45-minute session and learn three ways to use SWI:

  • Classic mode
  • SWI host mode
  • SWI repository mode
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