How to Upgrade to POWER9 the Right Way - Watch This Webinar
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How to Move to POWER9 the Right Way

Expert recommendations for system sizing, security, and management


14% of IBM i shops migrated to POWER9 in 2018, but 11% went to POWER8 instead. With another 42% of the market planning a hardware upgrade in 2019, what’s the right move for your business? And once you’ve decided, are you in a position to manage and secure your new investment on day one?

New infrastructure is often a sign of prosperity! Either your business is growing and the heavier workload needs a home, or you’re modernizing by moving off older technology and consolidating on the latest model. But while these bigger boxes pave the way for more partitions—which improve resource utilization and reduce power consumption—it also means you have even more nooks and crannies to keep an eye on. We’re here to make it easy for you.

Watch this recorded webinar where our experts outline the tools you need for a successful upgrade, including:

  • How to size your systems with confidence
  • How to monitor performance across partitions
  • How to secure your new investment against cyberthreats

Don’t gamble on a project this big. Know your facts and present an upgrade plan that will support your business into the future without weighing you down.

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