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A Fresh Look at SAP on IBM i

Understanding SAP architecture to better monitor SAP workload
August 29, 2017


If this webinar caught your eye, you’re probably an SAP pro or an IBM i guru. But probably not both.

Unless you’re an expert in each, you might not know what to look for when SAP runs a process on IBM i—how can just one person possibly keep an eye on this complex environment anyway?

Join SAP and IBM i expert Kolby Hoelzle for insider tips on how to handle SAP workloads on IBM i. We’ll use basic work management principles and an end-to-end monitoring and automation solution called Robot. We’ll also share information about:

  • SAP development initiatives on IBM i
  • Role of SQL and DB2 in SAP architecture
  • SAP workloads and the resources they consume
  • Setting baseline performance monitoring thresholds

You’ll see a live demo of the Robot monitoring and automation solution working within an SAP environment on IBM i.

If your company runs SAP on IBM i today or may do so in the future, this webinar is for you!

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