On-Demand Webinar

The Evolution of IBM i in the Data Center


As operators see their responsibilities grow beyond IBM i, Dr. Frank Soltis and Tom Huntington put these changes in context with the evolving role of IBM i in the data center and make their predictions for the future.

Watch this one-hour recorded webinar for critical discussion on: 

  • How hardware changes and software developments have impacted each other and the role of operations
  • Opportunities for IBM i users to enhance their skill set and add value at their company
  • Systems management tools to optimize and future-proof data center management

This is a must-watch webinar for infrastructure, network, and data center managers and team members at organizations with IBM Power Systems running IBM i, particularly those looking to consolidate systems or considering alternative platforms.

What's the State of IBM i?

IBM i was built to manage modernization, data growth, and more. HelpSystems surveys IBM i shops in different industries around the world and publishes the findings in the annual IBM i Marketplace Survey Results. See how IBM i playing in the marketplace—today and tomorrow.