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Essential IBM MQ Monitoring for IBM i

Learn how MQ Manager helps you keep critical data flowing


In the modern data center, disparate platforms must be able to communicate with each other quickly, efficiently, and without fuss. Many IT teams turn to IBM MQ for data delivery across platforms, but delivery can only be guaranteed when several key components are active and functioning at an optimum level.

You need to know the minute there is a backlog or serious bottleneck in IBM MQ—so sporadic, manual monitoring simply won’t cut it for such an integral piece of software.

During this recorded webinar, we dissect monitoring options available for IBM MQ. You’ll learn:

  • Which components you must monitor
  • Limitations of reactive, manual monitoring
  • Why exception-based notifications are so important
  • Best practices for automated monitoring

You’ll also see how MQ Manager allows you to proactively monitor this business-critical application to prevent potential business affecting outages. This webinar is a must for anyone running IBM MQ on IBM i!

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