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Enterprise Job Scheduling Makes Your Job More Manageable

Control Windows, Linux, and AIX Tasks from Your IBM i
IBM i, Windows, UNIX, AIX


Your diverse data center has separate teams managing Windows, AIX, Linux, and IBM i, the point-of-sale system on Windows is sending over corrupt—or empty—sales figure files, and you’re under pressure to coordinate schedules without adding platform specialists to the headcount. No one has visibility into failures until it’s too late. Sound familiar? 

There are plenty of critical tasks that take place on other platforms, but IBM i is still central to your operations. Doesn’t it make sense to center your schedule there as well?

Take 30 minutes to see how Robot Schedule Enterprise can help you:

  • Create event-driven jobs across platforms
  • Bring together disparate schedulers into one solution
  • Stop scheduling “timer” jobs assuming dependencies will be met
  • Quit documenting your processes in MS Word or PowerPoint
  • Simplify your process compliance reporting

This recorded webinar includes expert information on how to simplify enterprise job scheduling, plus a live demo of Robot Schedule Enterprise.

If you run jobs across Windows Task Manager, cron, MS SQL, or the native IBM i scheduler and are looking for a way to connect the processes, this webinar is the one to watch!

Time to Replace Legacy AS/400 Schedulers?

Your IBM i is a busy place—and processing gets more complex with each passing year! But your legacy scheduling methods are no longer well-suited to manage the modern workload. It’s time for batch processing to catch up to the rest of your business. Read this guide to get started.

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