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Business Intelligence for the SMB’s Budget

Affordable BI on IBM i
February 16, 2017


Think only large organizations can afford and implement business intelligence (BI)? Think again.

Today, BI isn’t just for the big guys. Small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) can (and, indeed, do) deploy BI tools—and it doesn’t cost them a fortune. Here’s why: they choose a BI tool that’s the right size for their business. They gain the clear, actionable information they need to make sound business decisions. And, since the BI tool is scaled—in size and cost—to their needs, they achieve fast ROI.

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You'll learn the must-haves for BI on IBM i at SMBs:

  • Get BI without missing a beat by importing existing queries
  • Give your SMB the ability to make better decisions
  • Increase productivity with real-time data access
  • Achieve fast ROI

Plus, you’ll see a demonstration of how Sequel Data Access makes BI for SMBs easy. Quick installation, simple setup, and easy data access mean you can start pulling reports from your IBM i within an hour.

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