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Rational Developer for i experts answer questions for RDi users like you


Question: Where does the IBM i community go for education on Rational Developer for i (RDi)?

Answer: This webinar is a great start!

HelpSystems has gathered the leading experts on RDi for a roundtable-style Q&A webinar featuring questions from actual RDi users like you.

Watch this recording where Jim Buck, Susan Gantner, and Charlie Guarino answered your questions, along with a few of their own, including:

  • What are the “hidden gems” in RDi that can make me more productive?
  • What makes RDi Debug better than the STRDBG green screen debugger?
  • How can RDi help me find out if I’ve tested all lines of a program?
  • What’s the best way to transition from PDM to RDi?
  • How do I convince my long-term developers to use RDi?

This is a unique, online opportunity to hear how you can get more out of RDi. It’s time to move away from green screen tools and embrace integrated development environment (IDE) tools like RDi.  

Watch now!

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