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Aging RPG Programmers in Charge of Your IBM i?

AppDev team looking toward retirement? Time to automate!


Many IBM i shops put programmers in charge of managing their IBM i, but these experienced and expensive resources are already stretched thin—are they’re running dry!

With only a handful of colleges maintaining an IBM i program, there soon may not be enough new talent with RPG skills to meet market demands. Besides, these young programmers will be too focused on web interfaces, business analytics, mobile, security, and SQL data access projects to take on the additional burden of day-to-day operations.

It’s time to create an organized, streamlined, automated process with visibility into what’s going on and notification when something goes wrong.

Take 30 minutes to hear our experts talk about how your AppDev team can take advantage of IBM i automation tools today and leave a legacy of automated operations that don’t require re-programming when the business changes. You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop programming for multi-platform job and file event dependencies
  • Replace manual parameter entry with fully automated parameter calculations
  • Quit wondering about where to fit a process into daily, weekly or monthly cycles
  • End the on-call headaches, the firefighting, and the lack of progress cycle

Go ahead, give your AppDev team a productivity boost. Watch today!

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Just because your AS/400 hero is about to ride off into the sunset doesn’t mean your IBM i is done for. This guides shows you how to survive—and thrive—in a post-retirement data center.

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