Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i. | Webinar
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Who’s Afraid of Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS? Not i.

How to Take Advantage of These Technologies
Linux, AIX


Linux on Power, AIX, and VIOS: Are they new technologies or old technologies made new? Either way, they are amazing technologies that should be embraced and put to good use.

As an IT professional, it’s important to understand what you need to manage on Power, including similarities across IBM i, AIX, Linux on Power, and VIOS—it’s easier than you think!

This 30-minute webinar demystifies these technologies and teaches best practice techniques for maintaining and controlling critical processes and applications running on your Linux, AIX, and VIOS environments. You’ll learn:

  • How to look after Linux on Power and AIX
  • How and why you should monitor VIOS
  • How VIOS relates to AIX

This recording includes a live demo of Network Server Suite, showcasing pre-configured monitoring templates. You’ll see how simple it is to create rules without expert knowledge of the environments you are monitoring.

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