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Achieving Business Value Through VIOS

Featuring noted IBM Power Systems virtualization specialist Glenn Robinson
IBM i, Linux, AIX


VIOS or Virtual I/O Server is associated with virtualization technology, but how can you harness the flexibility and scalability it provides to reduce costs and provide tangible value to the business without impacting system availability?

In this 45-minute recorded webinar, virtualization specialist Glenn Robinson joins Ash Giddings to discuss the use of VIOS in today’s demanding Power Systems environments. Topics include:

  • What exactly is VIOS?
  • What are the benefits of using VIOS?
  • Deployment best practices
  • VIOS is set and forget, right?
  • The future of VIOS

This is a must-watch webinar for anyone interested in virtualization! VIOS can help you realize real business value by reducing IT expenditure and adding the flexibility to grow and shrink resources according to data center demands through virtualization across IBM Power Systems estates.

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