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3 Ways to Share IBM i Data (Without Losing Your Mind)

See how Mayline did it.
January 12, 2018


Your C-suite executive wants a dashboard packed with your company’s key performance indicators. Your accounting department wants a weekly financial report delivered in Excel. And if you’re in industries like healthcare, you’re asked to provide a daily admission and discharge report.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many ways that different functional groups want their information delivered today. You’re asked to wear too many hats and bend over backwards to meet their needs. And there’s simply not enough time to do it, especially when you’re dealing with dated data access tools like Query/400.

Let’s change that. In 30 minutes, you'll learn about easier ways to share IBM i data—so you don’t lose your mind.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Deliver data in dashboards for executives
  • Automate a weekly Excel report for accounting
  • Create a daily report on things like admissions and discharges for healthcare

Don’t miss your chance to wear less hats and ease the burden on IT.

How Easy Is It?

See how Mayline was able to share data exactly the way their users needed it—without compromising IT productivity. 

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