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3 Easy Ways to Save Time by Accessing Data with Sequel

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September 14, 2016


“Sequel is so much more user friendly. I don’t have to write RPG code to do what needs to be done.”

—Cameron Glenn, Senior Accounting Officer, MainSource Financial Group

Accessing data within your organization should not take days or week. Nor should it require an army of IT people. Most of all, it should be easy for anyone to access—not just data scientists or special consultants.

With Sequel, data access is fast and easy. Real-time data from your IBM i and remote databases can be at your fingertips in seconds. Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of user-friendly formats like Microsoft Excel for data access. All it takes to use Sequel is basic Windows skills.

Watch the webinar and learn how to get:

  • Accurate data fast
  • All of your data—in one spot
  • Access to data in friendly PC formats

As a result, your development staff will be able to knock out requests for information faster. And users will be able to access their own data.

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