Your Business Case for Going Paperless

Calculate your document management ROI and find out what you could be saving

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Paper may grow on trees, but it’s far from free.

In fact, the costly ramifications of paper-based processes are everywhere. For starters:

  • Paper itself
  • Printer and storage costs
  • Employee time (filing and finding documents)

Electronic document management software, however, can remove paper from your processes and make managing your documents easy. But before your organization signs off on paperless document management, you need to prove to your organization that going paperless is the right choice for your business.

That’s how the HelpSystems Document Management experts can help. They’ve developed an interactive document management return-on-investment (ROI) calculator to make it easy for your organization to determine the potential ROI from going paperless.

Simply plug in your data for employee time and labor, paper use, and storage facilities, and discover how much you can save with electronic document management.

Before you gather data, keep these tips in mind:

  • Ask Finance to help tune the model early on so the end result is more credible.
  • Only include defendable assumptions; any assumption you make will be scrutinized.
  • Don’t estimate benefits without management input.
  • Make comparisons comparable.
  • Address variability by allowing a margin in your calculations.
  • Every project has risks; know that it’s best to identify and quantify them.

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