Let's Get Started with IBM i Security

Watch the webinar series for actionable advice about protecting your data

Cybersecurity is now a vital business matter, but developing IBM i security knowledge is a challenge for most IT professionals. The security experts at HelpSystems are here to help.

We’ve developed a security curriculum designed to help you understand the highest priority aspects of IBM i security. You’ll learn how various settings and controls work to minimize the risk of data theft, exposure, and even accidental deletion. If you’re involved with security and compliance at your organization and you have the IBM i OS in your data center, this series is for you. 

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Getting Started with IBM i Security:

System Values


The security system values enable you to set the tone of security on your IBM i, enforce password composition rules and enable auditing. In this first session, you'll learn about these system values and provides guidance on best practice settings.

Event Auditing


Learn why auditing is necessary, how to determine if IBM i auditing is currently active, and how to configure auditing with one simple command. In this second session, security expert Robin Tatam tackles these topics and more.

PC Access


Find out how well-known services like FTP and ODBC enable users to access sensitive data without oversight or restrictions. In this third session, Robin Tatam explains what exit programs are and how you can use them to protect your organization.

User Privileges


Get up to speed on privileged users, IBM i special authorities, and command line access. In this fourth session, Robin Tatam also shares tips on auditing user activities and utilizing role-based access controls (RBAC).

Integrated File System (IFS)


Learn how the IFS is configured and how you can avoid the most common IFS security mistakes. In this fifth session, Sandi Moore also explains what viruses can do to the IFS and what you can do to prevent them.

Object Authority


Learn best practice principles for controlling access to data and programs. In this six session, you'll get an explanation of public authority (*PUBLIC), how this unique IBM i concept works, and why default authority values constitute a security gap.

“There’s a limited pool of resources in the marketplace with real IBM i security knowledge. So, we look to HelpSystems for experience—that’s their real value. Anyone can provide a toolbox and a set of tools, but we need to know the risk of change and how to mitigate it. It’s all about expertise, and HelpSystems is simply the best at what they do.”

Seneca Gaming Corporation

Meet Your Presenters


Robin Tatam, Director of Security Technologies

Robin Tatam is a midrange industry veteran with over 25 years of IBM i experience. He is co-president of the QUSER group in Minneapolis, an award-wining speaker/subject matter expert in security for COMMON, and a member of their Speaker Excellence Hall of Fame. Robin is a Certified Information Security Manager and the co-author of IBM's Redbook publication on IBM i data encryption.


Sandi Moore, Principal Security Consultant

Sandi has been working with HelpSystems customers for over 15 years supporting systems monitoring and security software. With experience on IBM i, AIX, and Linux, she has been involved in product demonstrations, implementation, support, training, research, and product testing. Sandi has helped customers understand how to effectively address the threats they face. Her goal is to help people achieve the best solution to their IT problems, no matter how many servers are in their environment or where in the world they’re located.