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  • SEQUEL offers real-time business intelligence and lets you decide how to access and analyze your data. 

  • Everything you need to simplify your System i application development is in one, easy-to-use package.

  • AnyDate is a simple yet powerful software utility that lets you override your operating system date and time for jobs or programs.

  • ESEND delivers reports and files in the fastest, most cost-effective, and most reliable way possible: through email, FTP, or the web.

  • Efficiently build, manage, and deploy a high-integrity IBM i data warehouse environment with sophisticated ETL and Change Data Capture.

SEQUEL is the leading data access solution for IBM i, providing business intelligence through powerful query, customizable dashboards, and advanced reporting tools. With secure data access via browsers and mobile devices and tools to deploy and manage complex data environments, SEQUEL delivers true data empowerment.

    • SEQUEL
    • Whitepaper

    Take a step beyond the hype and ask yourself: is big data actually affecting me? Are partitioned files (a product of mass data storage) making my job difficult? This white paper will help you not get bogged down in all the big data buzz. It’s not too late to adapt to the changing face of data storage and access in this big data world.

  • Discover Modernized Data with SEQUEL
    • SEQUEL
    • Webinar

    See how SEQUEL delivers IBM i data in the format you prefer, quickly and efficiently, including simple ad hoc queries, executive dashboards, drill-down data analysis, and multi-platform database access. 

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