Backing up critical data—and recovering it—is essential to your business. Thank goodness for automatic backups with Robot SAVE.


Robot SAVE

Automated iSeries Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up critical data—and recovering it—is essential to your business.

Disaster protection is vital to every business, yet it often consists of patched together procedures that are prone to error. From automatic backups to data encryption to media management, Robot SAVE automates the routine (yet often complex) tasks of iSeries backups, saving you time and money and making the process safer and more reliable. Plus, our easy restoration helps you efficiently restore a single object or your entire system.

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    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

Automate iSeries Backups

Consider all the steps necessary to perform your daily backups—from determining what to save, to locating tapes, to tracking the saved items, to managing the save media after the backup.

Robot SAVE automates all the functions required to perform a complete backup. Once the system is set up, little human interaction is needed to do your recurring backups.

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Simple to Save, Even Easier to Restore

Feature Benefit
Automate Restricted State Saves Take the backbreaking manual labor out of data backups. The only thing better than a thorough backup is one you can run unattended.
Document Your DR Strategy Easy to set up, you can record tribal knowledge and satisfy SOX auditors with a simple backup set.
Guided Restoration Restore your IBM i accurately and efficiently and minimize your downtime.
Manage Tape Volumes Across Your Data Center Gain network infrastructure for sharing and inventorying volumes across your instances of IBM i.

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