InterMapper Map Gallery

Examples of Network Maps from InterMapper Customers


InterMapper customers have submitted these screen shots of maps they have created with our innovative network monitoring, mapping and alerting software.


Acelium's comprehensive map of Sydney.

Acelium map of Sydney

The American Antiquarian Association uses InterMapper for a comprehensive view of their network.

American Antiquarian Association

Borderland SD uses network monitoring with ease.

Borderland SD

An easy example of network monitoring with EZ Net LA


Skidmore College utilizes InterMapper to view devices across their campus.

Skidmore College

Stephen F. Austin State University's map example

Stephen F. Austin State University

Sun Microsystems uses InterMapper for easy network monitoring

Sun Microsystems

An example of a Tracsa map status probe

Tracsa Map Status Probe

Mt. Lehman Credit Union network monitoring example

Mt. Lehman Credit Union

The University of Colorado uses InterMapper to map and monitor their network.

University of Colorado

University of Illinois network monitoring example

University of Illinois

University of British Columbia utilizes monitoring for their videoconferencing.

University of British Columbia Videoconferencing Network

An example of network monitoring for education with Enid Public Schools.

Enid Public Schools

A network monitoring example with Gold Corp in Canada

Gold Corp - Canada

OS Secure Wireless uses InterMapper to monitor their network.

OS Secure Wireless

An easy monitoring example with Pima College.

Pima College