See what IBM i users are doing in real time and eliminate the need for audit staff to be experts on the system.


Authority Swapper

User Provisioning Software for IBM i

authority swapper

Sometimes IBM i users need higher or lower levels of authority so they can do a specific job or complete a specific task on the system. Access to a profile with more powerful privileges is often only temporarily.

Authority Swapper helps you control when users can have access and for how long, and shows what they did during that time. It provides a full audit trail plus a visual recording of the IBM i screens that they visited during their session.

    • Supported Platforms
    • IBM i: System i, iSeries, AS/400

    • Requirements
    • OS/400 & i5 OS - V5 R4 M0 and above

Control Access to Your IBM i Data and What Users Can Do with It

  • record and replay user activity

    Record and review the screens that users visit during any swap session.

  • role swapping or adopting

    Temporarily swap users to a different profile so they can complete specific tasks.

  • mobile user profile management

    Take advantage of a web-based browser interface with intuitive graphics.

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