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Creating software robots, workflows, and tasks has never been easier. Start with some of our most popular processes below or use the steps as building blocks to customize your own flows.

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Sample Tasks and automation workflow examples, uploaded by HelpSystems employees and customers, highlight and demonstrate specific features of Automate and Automate Enterprise.

Workflows and Tasks Templates

Workflows and Tasks Templates

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Email to a List of Email Addresses

Demonstrates how Automate can send email to a list of email addresses

Email VIEW

How to use built in Automate functions to do RC4 stream encryption

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Even / Odd Number Determination

Determine if a number is odd or even using 3 different methods

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Executing a DOS command and saving the output

Executes the DOS 'dir' command on the C: drive and puts output into text file for further processing

Functions (Basic) VIEW

Enter a number that you would like to have squared (multiplied by itself)

Functions (Basic) VIEW
File Details Component

The File Details Component of this script can be used to get the file details of the file you specify

Workflow VIEW
File Name/Path When Using ‘File Watcher’ Trigger

AMTrigger.Filename with a file's path and file name that was added, modified or deleted

Workflow VIEW
File Size in MB and Extension

Loops through files in directory C:\Program Files\eMule\Incoming

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Find and Replace (All File Types)

Open Notepad and use Send Keystrokes to manipulate the Find / Replace feature based on user input

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Find Differences in PHP Files

Find differences in PHP files

Functions (Basic) VIEW

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