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Informatica is integral to managing your company’s data—extracting, sending, verifying, and replicating data from your databases—but both Informatica PowerCenter and Informatica Cloud have rudimentary job schedulers. Informatica PowerCenter offers very few scheduling options.

Similarly, Informatica Cloud only gives users the ability to specify when and how often a job runs, providing no options for event-driven scheduling. The schedulers included with Informatica PowerCenter and Cloud make it difficult to incorporate non-Informatica processes into the schedule.

Incorporating Web Services

Automate Schedule's Informatica interface requires the Web Services Hub within the Informatica domain to be active to communicate with Automate Schedule. Automate Schedule uses Informatica Cloud web services to start workflows and integrate disparate applications and platforms. Automate Schedule can also execute web services as commands within a Automate Schedule job and create jobs that send web service requests from a Automate Schedule agent. You can also use Automate Schedule's web services to execute jobs in other applications that relate to Informatica; in turn, Automate Schedule can pull data from a web service application and incorporate it into an Informatica process.

Improve ETL Efficiencies

Automate Schedule makes integrated ETL scheduling easier, faster, and broader reaching. Staff intervention can be virtually eliminated, and the automation, visibility, and control over crossed systems saves time and reduces the risk of error.

Automate Schedule allows users to:

  • See exactly how Informatica jobs fit into the entire data center picture
  • Improve time management by managing cross-platform, cross-application dependencies
  • Gain real-time interaction and centralized control over jobs
  • Simplify reactive workflows with dependency scheduling and visual job flow diagrams
  • Gain efficiencies with advanced enterprise scheduling, notification, reporting, and security options over the built-in Workflow Manager
  • Decrease operational costs, reduce lag time, and eliminate errors

The Benefits of Automate Schedule

Take your Informatica job scheduling to the next level. With Automate Schedule, you can:

  • Use a centralized, event-driven approach
  • Manage multiple production schedules from a central management console
  • View and forecast the entire processing schedule from one interface
  • Receive built-in notifications when an important job fails via email, text message, or SNMP trap
  • Comply with today’s regulatory requirements with an Audit History report
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