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Creating software robots, workflows, and tasks has never been easier. Start with some of our most popular processes below or use the steps as building blocks to customize your own flows.

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Sample Tasks and automation workflow examples, uploaded by HelpSystems employees and customers, highlight and demonstrate specific features of Automate and Automate Enterprise.

Workflows and Tasks Templates

Workflows and Tasks Templates

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If File is Older or Newer Than one day

Check to see whether or not files in C:\temp have a modified date older than 1 day

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Generic Purge Keeping Last X Number of Files

Deletes files only keeping the most recent X number of files

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Create Dynamic Radio Group From a Table

This simple script shows a technique to create a dynamic selection list

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Delete a Specific Character in a Delimited .TXT

Delete a specific character/'s inside a given Delimited Text file

Functions (Basic) VIEW

How to use built in Automate functions to do RC4 stream encryption

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Even / Odd Number Determination

Determine if a number is odd or even using 3 different methods

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Display the Date 30 Days Prior in Notepad

How to display the date 30 days prior in notepad

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Split filename into two variables

How to split filename into two variables

Functions (Basic) VIEW
Delete Last Line of a File (vbscript)

Delete the last line in a text file using vbscript

Functions (Basic) VIEW
A Working Example of the DateDiff() Function

Returns the amount of time between two dates per the interval you select

Functions (Basic) VIEW

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