Skybot Scheduler Expands Support for Complex Job Scheduling Within SAP

March 20, 2014

Advanced Cross-System ERP Scheduling Enhancements Added

Minneapolis, MN, March 20, 2014—HelpSystems, developer of web-based enterprise job scheduler, Skybot Scheduler, announces the availability of version 3.5, which now includes the ability to schedule SAP process chains, in addition to SAP NetWeaver jobs.

Process chains are a complex sequence of automated processes within SAP and are triggered by defined events. When process chains are dependent on or reactive to a job outside of the SAP system, staff must take extra steps to confirm if the chain started, failed, or completed. With Skybot’s latest enhancement, customers can now include SAP process chains in their cross-system, enterprise business process schedule where they can be started and monitored by Skybot. Users can receive status reports of failure or completion, and subsequent jobs won’t run until the entire chain has completed. Skybot monitors the progress of each step in the process chain to completion.

“HelpSystems has been a world leader and expert in automated job scheduling for over 30 years, and our customers rely on us to automate their processes across multiple systems and platforms,” said Janet Dryer, CEO of HelpSystems. “This enhancement both simplifies and expands SAP scheduling, allowing our clients to focus their staff time on more important issues.”

Skybot’s 3.5 release includes other enhanced SAP features, including:

  • SAP System Definition: Users can choose a load-balanced connection to the SAP system. SAP System Definitions in Skybot Scheduler can be configured to a specific server in an SAP system, or to allow SAP to choose the server via a message server and a load balancing group.
  • SAP Job Definition: SAP job reports can be sent to an email address.  By using the new “Recipient Type” selection, the “Spool List Recipient” in SAP Job Definitions can be used to send reports that are generated in SAP to an SAP user or email address (an email group or someone not defined as an SAP user). 

About Skybot Scheduler

Skybot Software, a division of HelpSystems, develops automation software for multiple platforms. Skybot Scheduler is an intuitive, web-based job scheduler that automates complex business processes with ease. 

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