HelpSystems Releases New Version of Enterprise Job Scheduling Software

April 28, 2015

Skybot Scheduler introduces the Data Center Expansion Function

Minneapolis, MN, April 28, 2015—Skybot, a division of HelpSystems, today announced a new version of its application-agnostic enterprise job scheduling solution, Skybot Scheduler.

In this new version, Skybot Scheduler introduces the Data Center Expansion Function, which allows two Skybot servers to monitor each other’s events. This event-driven model enables businesses to build more complex and dynamic enterprise job schedules, helping them to better meet the growing demands of their internal resources as well as their customer base.

“Skybot has been able to meet the enterprise scheduling needs for customers of all sizes, but with the new Data Center Expansion Function, we give larger customers the ability to separate their scheduled workloads, security, and output, but have them work together when necessary,” said Jared Dahl, Software Development Manager at HelpSystems.   

Learn more about the value of Skybot Scheduler version 3.9 in the release notes.

About Skybot

Skybot, a division of HelpSystems, is an enterprise job scheduler that automates workflows across platforms and applications. Skybot Scheduler is an intuitive, flexible job scheduler that automates complex business processes with ease. 

About HelpSystems

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