Why Automate

Why Us?

Discover the value RPA from Automate can bring to your organization

Powerful Automation for Anyone

Organizations are looking for automation solutions to increase efficiency and productivity.
Automate from HelpSystems does even more. Bot for bot, we provide 5x the value of any RPA solution.

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No-Code Automation

Quickly build bots with form-based development and 600+ pre-built automation actions.

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Unrestricted Bots

Deploy bots as attended or unattended with concurrent execution of tasks. No restrictions.

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Unmatched Value

We eliminate the #1 challenge of scalability, unlocking full automation potential.

These companies & many others depend on Automate RPA for critical process automation

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Automate's Unparalleled Value

Component Automate Plus Subscription Other RPA Subscription
Enterprise server license Included $20,000
5 bots Included $40,000
2 developer studios Included $10,000
Yearly Subscription* $15,000 $70,000
5-year average cost per bot $3,000 $14,000

Automate offers the ability to "script" any kind of solution, even when you don't know anything about scripting.
But Automate is powerful, too. If you do pride your scripting prowess, you can really take your talents to the next level with Automate.

Juan Garcia
Systems Analyst
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Why Automate?

Whether you’re implementing robotic process automation (RPA), robotic desktop automation (RDA), or scaling across the entire enterprise with business process automation (BPA), Automate can help. With simple, predictable scaling, you can start small – with desktop automation or RPA in just one area of the business—and expand gradually.

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