ShowCase 10: Application Builder Makes Drill-Down Easy


ShowCase 10: Application Builder Makes Drill-Down Easy

Chances are, you already use ShowCase to mine and explore data. But not all users know how to customize the drill-down features for speed and convenience. By configuring these workflows, you’ll be able to quickly access data at the correct level of detail as often as you need. Drill up, down, or laterally, and link to external documents or Web pages. 

In this Master Session, exclusively for ShowCase users, we’ll show you how to use the Application Builder tool to create predefined drill paths and results.

You’ll meet our new Application Design Wizard, and learn about:

  • Cross-platform drill-down
  • Drilling to web pages
  • Performance best practices

Join us for this valuable session to learn how you and your users can shave precious time from daily processes.

Empower yourself. Join the ShowCase Master Session today.

1482339600 Wednesday
December 21, 2016

11:00am to 1482343200 12:00pm
1 hour