Introduction to Showcase Query


This class provides comprehensive end user training for Showcase 9.

Who Should Attend

This class is intended for anyone with limited or no prior experience in building queries or reports with Query. The class content minimizes "behind the scenes" technology and presents information from an end user perspective through presentations and hands-on learning experiences.

What to Expect

The class begins with an introduction to basic query building and ends with a discussion of ways in which queries can be run. Learning experiences include creating joins, adding variables and prompts, formatting the data in a report, and creating new columns and conditions with SQL functions. Additional topics include how to use certain Windows applications as alternate data viewers and how to use the add-in features provided by Query for Microsoft Excel to add additional function to your existing spreadsheet applications. Lab exercises are included to reinforce the learning.


Available On Demand
This training is available on-demand.

Event dates and times are calculated from your device's UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) offset.
$4,500 plus instructor expenses (up to 12 students, additional cost for more students)
2 Days