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Viewpoint Client Reports for Sequel


This live, instructor-led class focuses on how to write professional reports with Viewpoint and Crystal Reports. It offers a comprehensive introduction to the Viewpoint Client Reports, with topics ranging from building basic reports to more sophisticated reporting tasks.

Topics include:

  • Defining Client Reports
  • Adding columns (view fields)
  • Formatting objects
  • Adding break levels (groups)
  • Making calculations (summary & formulas)
  • Adding headers, footers, and logos
  • Conditional highlighting
  • Adding a Cross-Tab and chart to your report footer
  • Using section expert for mail label reports

Who Should Attend

The class is designed for ViewPoint designers who need to create or maintain Client Reports. It is suitable for sites that use either designer (Embedded or External). 


  • High-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, or T1)
  • A workstation with dual monitors or a projector to display the teacher's screen
  • Screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Current version of Sequel installed on your IBM i
  • Current version of Sequel Viewpoint installed on your PC
  • Viewpoint design authority
  • Access to Viewpoint during class for hands-on exercies
  • Authority to create class objects during class for hands-on experience
  • An IBM i user library where class objects can be saved
  • Access to all objects in the SEQUELEX library from Viewpoint

This class follows a blended approach to learning that includes:

  • Presentations and live demonstrations
  • Hands-on activities on your own system
  • Participant interaction with trainers during session


Available On Demand
This training is available on-demand.

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Available On Demand
$1,050 (up to 4 students)
3 hours